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Thank you so much for posting this and tipping us off to the screening. A wonderful and tragic film, for sure, the restoration screening room is such a gem and we'll be sure to follow along for more films.

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The Restoration Screening Room is fantastic! As you say the fact they can offer their work worldwide is amazing as I’m in London, UK! I’ve missed the last few of them but I made sure I didn’t miss this one. Prisioneros de la Tierra knocked me for six! I thought it was beautiful, brutal and tragic.

Seeing films from the 30’s shot on location always jut out to me as it was certainly rare in Hollywood, that coupled with the great performances I was slowly drawn into the politics and camaraderie on show. The subject of alcoholism is painted blunt and devastatingly, I don’t recall seeing a performance like that from this period before?

I’d love to see more Mario Soffici films but they seem hard to find. The interview with the Argentine restoration team shed a little light on the reasons why, I just hope to see what more they can do with that regards.

Thanks for the great post about this, I saw it in my Substack inbox as I was logging in to watch the film so I had to jump back here, read it and leave my thoughts. Happy Easter/eating chocolate day!

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I took a break from TCM's month long celebration of the Warner Brothers centennial this morning and watched 'Prisioneros de la tierra’ before the window of opportunity closed. My first time using the Film Foundation's Restoration Screening Room as well and will obviously return for more films. I'm glad that I watched this one. I've been on a roll with discovering great films from Argentina ever since watching 'The Bitter Stems' aired on Noir Alley.

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You know somehow I've always missed these free screenings...not sure why lol

As for Twitter....have to decide how much longer I'm going to stay. Definitely going to miss the film community that built up there (though will the new Substance notes somewhat replace it?)

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"Stella Dallas" will be shown at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the Silent Movie Week on Wednesday, August 2 at 8 p.m. There may be another screening but it's not on the schedule yet.

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